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About Cu In Colour

I’m Dympna, from Sydney, Australia and I’m the owner of Cu in Colour and a Certified Personal Colour Consultant. Way back in 2013 I was lucky enough to have my colours analysed by a professional colour analyst. It was amazing to see the difference colours can make to a person and to experience the process and see how accurate it was, all based on the science of colour.  Analysed as a True Spring,  I transformed out of the dark colours I had been wearing into the warm bright colours of my Spring palette and the rest is history!!

After a successful career as a primary school teacher specialising in Creative Arts, I decided to change direction and follow my dream.

 I have always had an interest in fashion, style and colour and I am an accomplished and qualified Seamstress, Designer and Patternmaker in fashion. Well known for advising friends and family on style and colour and creating garments for myself and others I decided to do something that would combine all my interests, skills and qualifications. So, I blended my teaching knowledge, artistic talents, fashion and sewing skills together to create Cu in Colour.



In 2019 I began my training as a Personal Colour Analyst (PCA) with True Colour International, studying the 12 Tone TCI method. After completing my training and certification process I began Cu in Colour, and with this knowledge of the 12Tone TCI method, I use seasonal drapes in a wide range of colours in my consultations to discover which colours suit the client best. The purpose of Personal Colour Analysis is to identify the undertone of the skin, then identify which seasonal palette contains the best colours for the client.

Cu in Colour is my business where I consult with my client in a Personal Colour Consultation to analyse and advise on colour, style, makeup, fashion items and accessories with the purpose of finding colours and style uniquely yours.

Reading the testimonials tells just how much joy, fun and understanding my clients have gained from the consultation. Feedback regularly indicates how a PCA can help and advise changes in your wardrobe choices and give you an overall confidence and help you to feel wonderful about yourself.

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