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The Reason Why

“First Impressions count” – we have all heard this.


The reason why?


Part of forming an impression is based on sight. Colour forms a big part of what we see. Colour is powerful and when we look for harmony, we are considering the effect of two or more colours.


Harmony equals order and balance. So, when you’re wearing your best colours, you make that first impression count!


Nature has provided us with a world of colour. Some colour combinations are pleasing to us, and others less so. When looking at Nature’s colour palette, we see harmony based on similarities and contrast. In Nature, as the seasons change, so to do the colours available for us to see. Seasonal Colour Theory was developed out of the Impressionist Movement of the 1800s - which identify colour tones found uniquely within each of the four seasons – and which underpin the 12 tone TCI method

Within each season, a predominate colour characteristic can be identified:

HUE – how we refer to colour names.

VALUE – the lightness or darkness of colour.

CHROMA – the strength of colour.


At CU in Colour I use the 12 Tone TCI method to identify colours best suited to you – which seasonal palette you belong to! Instead of just looking at the 4 seasons, the 12 Tone TCI method uses the original seasons plus an additional 8 (all neutral). This allows for a very personal and accurate analysis. 


What can contribute to your individual colour tone?

Your skin is your largest organ and is a major contributor to your individual colour tone. The purpose of a Personal Colour Analysis (PCA) is to identify the clients natural colour harmony and therefore determine which of the 12 tonal groups best suits their harmony - Colour Uniquely Yours. 


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