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"The way you shop will never be the same again! 

Dympna’s amazing and insightful talents will change the way you view your wardrobe and your ability to combine different colour combinations to enhance the way you look. She is creative, knowledgeable and has a unique instinct that will WOW you. Her skilful talents will change the way you think when you shop and may even save you money. I highly recommend you have Dympna analyse your colours as I have, and now I enjoy shopping for colours that will enhance how I look. The best thing is that I now feel more confident in choosing colours that I would have never chosen before and I look great in them. Thank you Dynpma for your bringing colour into my world."

- Theresa, Soft Autumn 


Morning Dympna, just wanted to drop in a quick note to tell you it’s been really fun over the summer shopping in my colours. So many unexpected items I never would have even looked at twice. 

Recently there has been quite a bit of soft summer popping into Country Rd and Sussans. And the shoes I bought while on holiday in Bellingen 👌 It’s been dangerous and I’ve spent too much 😉 

As summer is getting towards its end, it’s been wonderful to notice the changes and see the soft summer colours in nature.  
Many thanks 

- Mel, Soft Summer


"I thought I had a pretty good idea of what colours looked good on me, turns out I really had no idea! I had my colours done with Dympna and now I am confident that each colour suits me and the outfit looks fabulous! 

An added bonus is that all my colours in my palette work harmoniously, so I don't have to spend 20 minutes matching piece by piece together. As well as when I am shopping my preference is to go in and out. Having my palette handy makes it much easier as I can walk in and quickly match the colours with my palette and know that they will work. 

I was a little nervous at first going to get my colours done, Dympna made me feel comfortable and relaxed and it was a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend Cu in colour!"

- Alana, Dark Autumn

Dark Autumn..jpg

"What a talented and highly motivated woman you are, we wish you every success in 2020 and the future.

I highly recommend a colour analysis at Cu in Colour. Dympna was not only very professional but made the consultation personal and fun. I was amazed at the knowledge that Dympna had of the colours and the tactful way she was able to suggest the correct palette for me. After being slightly dubious about the effect that the colours you wear can have on the way you look and feel, I am now happily updating my wardrobe with clothes that will suit me a lifetime! Thanks Dympna!"

- Sarah, True Autumn

"Thank you Dympna for such an in depth colour analysis experience with CU in Colour. It exceeded all my expectations.I was blown away by how the process, step by step revealed the colour hues and tones that really enhanced my natural skin colouring .I had in the past been choosing clothes that appealed to me and were in the warmer range and they looked ok! However, by the end of the session I could see what I had been missing in my choices and when my True Autumn palette was revealed it just all made sense .!!!!

 I am now thoroughly enjoying stream lining my wardrobe and adding items knowing that the selection in colours I make using my True Autumn colours swatch means that items coordinate and go together well. I can now invest in items that will continue to be part of my wardrobe into the future, hence also saving money. Deciding what to wear each day or for a special is occasion is less stressful and time consuming. and definitely more satisfying.


Dympna, the time, care, expertise and sense of fun you put into assessing and allocating my correct colour palette has also influenced better colour choices in make-up to better suit my colouring and enhance my wardrobe, The result has been a much more confident and satisfied approach to my general presentation. 


I would recommend the CU in colour experience to anyone who is looking to discover the joy of knowing what your true colour palette is and therefore being able to present the best version of themselves with their wardrobe and make-up and choice."

- Anne Marie, True Autumn

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